Who am I?

My name is Chris Berberian. By day, I’m a second-year Writing Major at the University of Toronto and Merchandiser at Shoppers Drug Mart. By night, I’m a film-freak, sports-fanatic, food-junkie, Twitter-enthusiast, and Nike-connoisseur.

But I’m not here to talk about the greatest Tim Horton’s donuts or my favourite Alfred Hitchcock movies.

What I will speak about doesn’t appear in the mini-autobiography above. This topic is nearest to my heart and contains three simple words…

I am Armenian.

If you’re like 90% of people I’ve encountered, you likely read the previous sentence, arched an eyebrow, and said: what the hell is an Armenian?

lnrknImage: It’s a Laugh Productions, PopKey

Don’t fret if you’re secretly this girl.

Armenia is a tiny, tiny post-Soviet nation of barely 3 million people, nestled in the Caucasus mountains of Eastern Europe.

Being born in Toronto and raised in its suburbs, I’ve never actually been to Armenia (but I’d love to visit… I mean, just look at its beauty).

I’m also only half-Armenian. My Mom’s side of the family originates from Montreal while my entire Dad’s side are emigrants from an Armenian settlement in Lebanon.

But that’s enough about me, let’s cover the blog.

Why Eye of the Armenian?

One of the biggest parts of my identity is my culture. So I write this blog similar to my literal “eye,” a gateway where my culture influences my passions and values. Being half-and-half enables me to experience life through the cultural lens of an Armenian, as well as understand how these perceptions differ from a more Canadian perspective.

In constructing this blog, I’ll shed some light on the values, passions, and emotions of Armenians in hopes of inspiring those less familiar with the culture. I also welcome Armo readers to engage with the content and share some smiles, laughs, tears, and cringes with me as I write these pieces.

I believe that Armenians have many quirks and nuances, unique from the idiosyncrasies of other cultures. By laying them all out and unfiltered, those unfamiliar can gain an appreciation, feel inspired, and ideally, take something of value for their own outlooks on life.

Sounds deep? Don’t worry. I cover much lighter, humorous topics too, as you’ll likely find in the very first post…

Genatsnout! (Cheers)

— —img_1431The moment of truth… Me. (at Anfield stadium during the summer of 2014).